Perfect & PUR Bound Brochures

At Far’n’Beyond we offer an extensive range of professionally printed marketing brochures, with a variety of binding options and print enhancing finishes to accommodate all budgets and styles.

Printed brochures are a valuable and effective method of communicating your business, brand or products in a structured order, reducing the distractions of online display.

UK Brochure Printing

At Far’n’Beyond we specialise in producing high-quality colour accurate brochures designed to reflect your business identity through choices in artwork, material type, and finishing.

If you have a Perfect Bound, or PUR Bounds Brochure project which requires an expert team, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Delivering the complete print package with a single point of contact, we have established a reputation for ensuring deadlines are met without compromising on quality or service, working with our clients to develop truly amazing brochures tailored to individual requirements.

Perfect Bound Brochure Printing

Perfect Binding is formed when document pages are glued together at the spine; this involves glueing the internal pages to a wrap-around cover at the spine with a strong, flexible thermal glue. The remaining sides are then trimmed in-line to give a clean and perfect finish.

Available in Portrait or Landscape orientation and printed on the latest Lithographic or Digital Printing Presses, our perfect bound books and brochures can accommodate up to 200+ printed pages and are available in a variety of sizes.

PUR Brochure Printing

PUR Binding uses the same processes as Perfect Binding, but with a different adhesive. Perfect Binding uses ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesives whereas PUR Binding uses polyurethane reactive (PUR) adhesives.

Although slightly more expensive, PUR Bound Brochures tend to be 60% stronger due to the use of the PUR adhesive, making them ideal for use with heavy paper stocks and larger page numbers. These benefits can be beneficial if your brochures need to withstand rigorous use.

Our PUR Bound books and brochures can accommodate up to 900+ printed pages.

Why Far'n'Beyond?

Quality, Service & Expertise from a dedicated account manager.

Perfect Bound & PUR Custom Brochure Printers

Utilising a range of FSC approved premium papers including Wigston, G.F. Smith & Fedrigoni, we ensure the appropriate material is used for production whilst also combining stocks and weights to deliver exceptional brochure projects.

All sourced to meet our high standards, these are our most popular materials for our client projects, however, we have access to an extensive range of specialist paper types at various thickness grades.

A range of Laminates, Metallic & Pigment Foils, White Ink, Spot Colours and Spot UV finishes are all available on our full range of brochures, each adding a unique effect to further enhance the impact of printed literature when combined with the right design and the perfect paper.

Brochure Materials & The Environment.

Printed on FSC Certified materials, our brochure range is produced on calibrated printing machinery to deliver exceptional colour accuracy and efficiency.