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BOXT is a multi-award winning technology platform that allows customers to choose and buy a suitable home heating package at a fixed price, in their own time, on a mobile phone or laptop.

"Liam and the team were fabulous at dealing with multiple stakeholders. They helped focus our entire department in to what was important for our customers and the results were far better than we hoped for.”

Ed Hartley, Boxt.

The company contacted us when they introduced BOXT Commercial, which focuses on larger-scale fit outs for various sectors including education, hospitals and offices. BOXT wanted Far’n’Beyond to research, develop and design the brand language for BOXT Commercial and compile it into a brochure.

Creative design is a key factor to consider when creating a brochure that you really want to shout about your brand/company and attract the relevant customers. With BOXT it was no different. BOXT had the retail aspect of their business all up and running, but with more enquiries coming through for larger commercial projects, they needed a brochure to reflect exactly what they do, their product and their process & values.

A brochure is the perfect marketing tool to capture the essence of a brand and to offer customers an initial insight into what the company does. The design team at Far’n’Beyond thoroughly researched the market upon the initial enquiry to map out the core structure of the brochure. Having the structure of the brochure mapped out allowed for a strong narrative that guides you through the brochure with relevant information.

The design style adopted for the brochure was kept minimalist which allows for the different sections to be digested easily but still keeping an informative presence throughout.

Various elements from the existing marketing for BOXT were used for consistency and also relevant imagery was used that reflects the end product of the service BOXT Commercial are offering.

Understanding our clients and their requirements enables Far’n’Beyond to deliver a comprehensive service that delivers more than just graphic design and print.

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