Brand Identity & Logo Design

Experience, knowledge and passion are just a few of the ingredients we work with at far’n’beyond to craft exceptional logos and brand identities.
Brand Identity is a cornerstone of your business. We offer a compelling and affordable approach to brand identity and logo design that focuses on developing aesthetically pleasing brands that are relevant, unique and memorable.
We work to establish a greater understanding of your industry, target audience and marketing strategy in order to develop the right solution. With our direction and expertise your business will be in a position to grow and prosper.

The brief

To ensure we deliver the best possible result we need to invest time understanding the brief and your desired outcome. We ask that you fill in our online questionnaire to get started. The answers will provide the basis of the creative brief.

Research & ideas

If you choose to work with us, you are investing in an organised and comprehensive branding and logo design project and research is an essential part of the process. We will study your questionnaire answers and research your industry. Based on the results we will then start to build a wide range of ideas and record them in sketch form.

Concept development

After exploring various ideas through sketch work, we move on to developing the most appropriate concept, whilst continuing to refine the ideas, in order to ensure we have a concept that has the key elements of effective brand and logo design.


When the concept is ready to present, we produce a PDF presentation document, bringing together the project deliverables and displaying the case study, in order to explain the design decisions and how we have met the project brief.

If you would like to receive a quote for branding, identity or logo design please fill in our Questionnaire, which will form the base of the creative brief