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WP Fly | Website Maintenance

The design and launch of your WordPress website denotes the beginning of your journey in an ever-changing digital environment.

At Far’n’Beyond we offer a variety of packages designed to ensure your website is secure, backed up and ready for visitors.

We work with WordPress all day every day, so if there is an issue, the chances are, we are already searching for a solution or looking at an alternative.

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WP Fly | Overview

WP Fly is our custom website service that monitors your website to ensure it is safe and secure.

Combining many of our hosting features including SSL certificates, Support and Instant notifications of any downtime, we also provide weekly backups, 24/7 security and malware protection in addition to software, theme and plugin updates.

The overall package is designed to protect your website from attack or failure.

WP Fly | Features

Taking control of the technical side of domain name management, SSL certificates and Email Accounts* our expert team combine key elements tailored to protect and enhance your website’s performance.

Preventing WordPress hacks, security breaches and malware our package also completes regular off-site backups to ensure we can roll back in the event of any issues.

Updates to Themes and Plugins also helps reduce the vulnerability of your website to attack.

Website Coding

Really Good Hosting
Reliable website hosting, with 24/7 access and support and 1 hour response times.

Domain Name Registration
Manage multiple domain names from an ICANN accredited registrar.

SSL Certificates
Secure your website with 256-Bit Encryption from Comodo SSL

Weekly Backups
Off-site WordPress weekly backups of your complete website including database.

Security Audits
Protect against the most common WordPress attacks with daily audits.

Managed WordPress Updates
Let us keep your WordPress installation up to date to protect against any weakness.

Website Speed
Caching tools and optimisation for optimal performance.

Performance Monitoring
Uptime reporting and instant notification to our team of any downtime.

Two-Factor Authentication
Restrict access to verified users with a secondary code required to access WordPress.

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How it Works

WP Fly is as a monthly subscription, based on a six-month commitment. Our goal is to provide peace of mind for our clients and utilise our skills and resources for a stress-free transfer.

We start by migrating your website to our servers, before running a comprehensive audit and making the necessary adjustments to optimise performance and secure the installation.

This also includes SSL certification and domain name adjustments.

Updates, Scans, Backup & Small Fixes

Performing regular scans WP Fly uses a 10-point Sucuri SiteCheck to inspect your website for known malware, blacklist status, errors and out-of-date software.

Instant notifications of any downtime also ensure a swift response by our teams who are also on hand to make any small fixes that may be required or offer discounted updates for our WP Fly customers.

WordPress Experts
Website Hosting Servers

Really Good Hosting

Reliable Cloud Hosting & Domain Name Management from UK Datacentres

Our network of experts provide premium business website hosting which ultimately gives you full control over your website hosting and registered domain names.

Including 99.9% uptime guarantee and one hour response time to all enquiries, through our 24/7 online support team, we are confident all your requirements will be met from our UK datacentres.


Email & Telephone As an extra monthly subscription we can assist with all your communications including Microsoft Office 365 Email & Apps (including Outlook, Word, Excel & PowerPoint) and VoIP Telephone Services.

Each package has been created to be flexible, whilst also offering a single point of contact across an extensive range of digital services.

Website Updates Far’n’Beyond also supports our clients with regular WordPress content updates.

Responsive Website Designer

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