Twitter Header Tips

Recently Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed some of the new Twitter design features. One of the most dramatic design changes is the added feature of personalised header images.

By adding a header image you have the opportunity to make your profile look more professional and the feature can be especially useful for companies and brands that want to keep their visual identity across all platforms. Who ever you are, with this extra customisation you have the ability to add your own personal touch to your Twitter page.

The header is the first bit of real design customisation Twitter has added since the avatar and background. So we thought we’d give a few tips for creating a good one. Although there are not too many options users have been having mixed results. So hopefully these tips can set you in the right direction.

To activate your Twitter header you’ll need to click on the Cog Icon next to search bar at the top of your twitter page. Then you select setting and from the left menu, that appears, select Design. Here you have all the usual options but with the added ‘Change header’ feature.

It’s sensible to avoid using an image that’s too cluttered, especially when you take into consideration your avatar and bio runs over the top of the image. For this reason photographs and background patterns tend to be the most effective header images.

It also worth considering a large proportion of users will be viewing your profile from a smart phone. So testing out the view from a smart phone is advisable.

It’s very important to have good readability, so you will need to ensure there’s a good contrast between the overlaying white type and the background image you select.

If you want to use a bright image you may want to consider darkening the area that the type overlays. The folks at Twitter automatically add a slight dark gradient to the bottom your image, so if don’t have the skills or software to edit the image directly, it’s good to know that they help out and all is not lost if you need to use an image that’s on the brighter side.

Image integration can work really well. A great example of this can seen on Ryan Seacrest’s profile.

To help you with the design of your header you can head over to Creative Bloq website where they have provided a template PSD file, that’s available to download.

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