Facebook Timelines for Business Pages

Facebook timeline for business pages launched on Wednesday 29th February and provides a selection of appearance and content changes soon to be rolled out across the network.

Similar to the recent changes on individual profiles due to the timeline, a large cover image is the feature branding area where creativity can run wild. Visible to all, the cover should sized to 851px x 315px and, as well as including your logo, is a great shop window to display your current promotions.

The other new feature which can be used to communicate your offers and discounts is the ability to “pin” news stories to the top of your timeline. Noticeable by a little orange flag, pinned posts will stay at the top of your page for 7 days or until you pin a new story.

Key Changes

The two biggest changes in addition to the timeline and cover image, are the removal of a landing page and the visibility of tabs.

Both these may alter how you have been using your Facebook business page in the past. The adjustments should be seen as an opportunity to condense your messaging and tabs, by keeping the top three tabs and utilising the additional space you now have.

Visibility of Tabs

Instead of having additional tabs which run on the left of the page to communicate additional features such as twitter, forms, competitions, etc… the tabs will now be visible underneath your cover image, but only showing the top three by default, resulting in visitors having to select a “more” button to see additional applications.

As a result we suggest reducing the number of tabs on your business page to around two or three. Photos will always remain first, but the rest can be re-arranged for maximum exposure.

The initial work really needed is to create new application thumbnails so everything looks aesthetically pleasing. The new dimensions are 111px x 74px whilst the tab area expands from 520px to 810pixels wide.


Once you have made everything look pretty, it is time to focus on your timeline. Many companies have gone back centuries to complete an accurate history of the organisation, featuring landmarks during its existence.

You might not want to go quite that far back, but it is a great opportunity to share your history with visitors to your company page and to add some personality.

Once you have done all of the above, take the opportunity to tidy up your company page, the admins, the information and your tabs. Review how the information comes across and ultimately don’t forget that the purpose of your facebook page is to support your brand communication and direct fans to the appropriate locations, i.e. your website, your shop or a specific call to action.

Time to play with your page

Finally, don’t feel you have to rush out and re-build your pages, they are not compulsory until the end of March 2012 which is really a final testing period. There are already reports of a few bugs with the new pages which are being ironed out by facebook, including the page not refreshing with all the content after a new user likes the page.

We will be holding back on our Far’n’Beyond facebook page until we are completely happy with the new look, however, we were eager to have a play with the new features and are currently developing live our Really Good Branding facebook page.

Check it out and let us know of any features we have missed out at:


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